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New S4K Fundraising Campaign

From the S4K website:

November 4, 2011
Greetings everyone!

What a busy fall we have had and we are very excited to be launching our winter fundraising campaign which will head into full swing over the next couple of weeks. Last year, we raised $20000 through our winter campaign and this year we think we can surpass that.

As of today our “Bricks and Blocks” campaign starts. Currently Phoenix Vision Society is in Haiti building its first adobe building at the Canaan 2 camp. The building will be able to withstand an earthquake of 8.0 and will be used as a meeting place for the community and serve as a beacon in the evenings, as the only shelter with electricity. The Society has been training locals to build this shelter and with its completion, there will be a group of skilled labourers, able to replicate its construction throughout the camp in upcoming months. In keeping with this, we are going to build our own virtual adobe houses- each home is $2000, with a brick costing $20. So 100 bricks build a home! Just think how many adobe houses we can build in three months and then disperse to our international charities!

Also, later this month we will be selling a very limited release of signed copies of Rubber Rocks and Apple Boxes written by Terry Murray, and illustrated by Jenn Brisson. This is a children’s picture book of the behind-the-scenes work of the cast and crew of Sanctuary. Amanda sold a whack of these books when she was recently in New Zealand and Australia and the response has been fantastic!

We will begin selling t-shirts, hoodies and iPad covers on our website at the end of January. We have a gorgeous design, and the items are in production as we speak. Many people have been asking for such items and we are thrilled that it will soon be happening.

In addition to the winter campaign, we will be running a New Year’s auction from January 1st to January 10th, 2012. The auction is going to be great fun, as always. Details are meant to be a surprise but we would like to give the heads up that there will be a lunch on offer with Amanda and Robin in London, around the time of the Chevron 7.8 Convention in February.

Peace to all,

Amanda, Damian and Jill
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