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Blog Update from NOH

Jill has updated the Nepal Blog, bringing news about the impact of their trip. Michael Hess has shared the progress made when it comes to the nutrition, diet and overall health of the children at the Nepal Orphans Home. All positive news - particularly loved the bit about their medicine bill.

"Michael reports that the energy levels of the children are visibly enhanced which is also apparent in their health and mental dispositions. His local pharmacist asked him if they had started visiting another pharmacy because they have cut their medicine bill by about 70 percent!!!"

Read the full entry HERE.

Also - a HUGE welcome to everyone who has jumped on board s4k_ripples . We're still working out the kinks and the best way to go about things so please bear with us as we figure it all out. We'll have a little 'ol meet 'n greet in a few days once we're done with all of the pimping.
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