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"Book for Kids" Project for S4K

A topic to spread a project of writing a illustrated book for children that would be offered for sale on the internet (e-book) or printed to raise funds for the association "Sanctuary For Kids" . To carry out our project, we need volunteers for writing, illustrating, translating (in english, deutch?, spanish?) and advertising of the book (partners, Facebook, website, twitter).

We are currently building a story that would incorporate the little Girls of Nepal Orphans Home the illustration of a portion of the book as some of us have been volunteer there for several weeks and so they have contact with the NOH.

Currently we are gathered on the forum of CPAF (french forum on writing of fanfics, but you're free to follow and participate even in english) for all that is discussing the development and organization of the project : http://cpaf.forumactif.org/f95-projet-book-for-kids-pour-s4k. We hope many of you there to help us implement this project which is important to us. To help us (ideas, more informations, etc) and if you're english people, let an answer after this message.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to consider our project.
And sorry if I made a mistake in the procedure to post in the community.

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