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04 January 2012 @ 06:19 pm
A topic to spread a project of writing a illustrated book for children that would be offered for sale on the internet (e-book) or printed to raise funds for the association "Sanctuary For Kids" . To carry out our project, we need volunteers for writing, illustrating, translating (in english, deutch?, spanish?) and advertising of the book (partners, Facebook, website, twitter).

We are currently building a story that would incorporate the little Girls of Nepal Orphans Home the illustration of a portion of the book as some of us have been volunteer there for several weeks and so they have contact with the NOH.

Currently we are gathered on the forum of CPAF (french forum on writing of fanfics, but you're free to follow and participate even in english) for all that is discussing the development and organization of the project : http://cpaf.forumactif.org/f95-projet-book-for-kids-pour-s4k. We hope many of you there to help us implement this project which is important to us. To help us (ideas, more informations, etc) and if you're english people, let an answer after this message.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to consider our project.
And sorry if I made a mistake in the procedure to post in the community.

05 November 2011 @ 12:49 pm
From the S4K website:

November 4, 2011
Greetings everyone!

What a busy fall we have had and we are very excited to be launching our winter fundraising campaign which will head into full swing over the next couple of weeks. Last year, we raised $20000 through our winter campaign and this year we think we can surpass that.

As of today our “Bricks and Blocks” campaign starts. Currently Phoenix Vision Society is in Haiti building its first adobe building at the Canaan 2 camp. The building will be able to withstand an earthquake of 8.0 and will be used as a meeting place for the community and serve as a beacon in the evenings, as the only shelter with electricity. The Society has been training locals to build this shelter and with its completion, there will be a group of skilled labourers, able to replicate its construction throughout the camp in upcoming months. In keeping with this, we are going to build our own virtual adobe houses- each home is $2000, with a brick costing $20. So 100 bricks build a home! Just think how many adobe houses we can build in three months and then disperse to our international charities!

Also, later this month we will be selling a very limited release of signed copies of Rubber Rocks and Apple Boxes written by Terry Murray, and illustrated by Jenn Brisson. This is a children’s picture book of the behind-the-scenes work of the cast and crew of Sanctuary. Amanda sold a whack of these books when she was recently in New Zealand and Australia and the response has been fantastic!

We will begin selling t-shirts, hoodies and iPad covers on our website at the end of January. We have a gorgeous design, and the items are in production as we speak. Many people have been asking for such items and we are thrilled that it will soon be happening.

In addition to the winter campaign, we will be running a New Year’s auction from January 1st to January 10th, 2012. The auction is going to be great fun, as always. Details are meant to be a surprise but we would like to give the heads up that there will be a lunch on offer with Amanda and Robin in London, around the time of the Chevron 7.8 Convention in February.

Peace to all,

Amanda, Damian and Jill
26 September 2011 @ 10:36 am
"Have you ever tossed a pebble into a lake when the water is completely calm? No matter how small that pebble is, from the moment it touches the water, ripples begin to spread out in all directions, extending out, affecting an area thousand times its size...Each of us is a small pebble."


Come check out our LJ community and see how you can help raise money for Sanctuary for Kids.
Hi Comm Members!

On June 25 we are holding a fundraising cabaret night in NYC to raise funds for Sanctuary for Kids. It's going to be a fantastic concert. No where else are you going to be able to hear this caliber of singer in NYC for a mere $25, all of which goes to S4K. If you live in, or will be visiting the NYC area, you can get all the details about the concert here.

If you don't live in the area, there are two other ways you can help out with this fundraising event.

The first is a twitter challenge. If you follow me, you've seen it already, if you don't, just check the hashtag #SongsforS4K each day. For every retweet of my tweets with that hashtag until the day of the concert, I will donate $1 to Sanctuary for Kids, up to $500.

The other way to help is to buy a fan-appreciation 'ticket' on June 25. How you do that, is to go to the Sanctuary for Kids web site on June 25 and donate $25, but be sure to put "Songs for Sanctuary for Kids" in the comment box when you make the donation! Also PM, DM, or email me to let me know that you made that donation so you can be counted!

Thanks for reading, and being a supporter of S4K!
20 April 2011 @ 03:04 pm
Hi All!

I wanted to point you towards a new facebook page for the Songs for Sanctuary for Kids concert series. Big things are coming, including an expansion of the series out of NYC, but still including an annual concert here! Please go on over to facebook and 'like' it and share it with your friends.

Here's a link: Songs for S4K on Facebook

14 March 2011 @ 10:02 am
Just dropping by with an invitation to participate in a Sanctuary for Kids merchandise project I'm working on right now.
I'm going to come up with a design that will be used on S4K merchandise, where 100% of the proceeds will go to Sanctuary for Kids.

However I'm going to need your help to a achieve this, I want to know what kind of merchandise you would want to buy, what sort of styles of design you prefer etc. I short need your feedback and opinions. So if you're interested just follow the link where you can read more and check out the How to Help section for even more details.

(This project has the full support from Jill Bodie, director of Sanctuary for Kids.)
08 March 2011 @ 09:48 pm
Hi all!

I'm just dropping in to let you know that the next Songs for Sanctuary (for Kids) event has been scheduled to take place in NYC at The Triad NYC (www.thetriadnyc.com) on Saturday June 25 at 7pm. It's going to be another fantastic night of song, in a great venue. If you are nearish to NYC, I hope you'll come and be a part of the fundraising fun! Last time we raised $1000 US for the charity, and I'm hoping this time we can knock that out of the park.

I'll post more details here as they come along, but that's what I've got for now.

23 February 2011 @ 10:36 pm
Jill has updated the Nepal Blog, bringing news about the impact of their trip. Michael Hess has shared the progress made when it comes to the nutrition, diet and overall health of the children at the Nepal Orphans Home. All positive news - particularly loved the bit about their medicine bill.

"Michael reports that the energy levels of the children are visibly enhanced which is also apparent in their health and mental dispositions. His local pharmacist asked him if they had started visiting another pharmacy because they have cut their medicine bill by about 70 percent!!!"

Read the full entry HERE.

Also - a HUGE welcome to everyone who has jumped on board s4k_ripples . We're still working out the kinks and the best way to go about things so please bear with us as we figure it all out. We'll have a little 'ol meet 'n greet in a few days once we're done with all of the pimping.
21 February 2011 @ 01:54 pm
If there is anything you would like to see in the community - updates, challenges and so on - or anything you would like to draw our attention to then just leave a comment to this post.
21 February 2011 @ 01:44 pm

Welcome to s4k_ripples 

This community was inspired by the recent success of AT5 - the GABIT event where, at a weekend with Amanda Tapping, 270 people raised £45,000 for charity.

We don't want it to end there. The friendships formed and the shere warmth and generosity of fans coming together can move mountains. Amanda said it herself - this is what small ripples do, so you should never ever think that you can't make a difference. Those ripples spread and they will help people around the world. Many came away feeling absolutely blessed, humbled and uplifted. It inspired me to think about what mark I want to leave in the world - you want to make a difference and you want to be the change.

This is a place where we can all come together and share our fundraising creativity. Whether you're involved in a big project, a fun run, if you're volunteering or if you have ways and means for others to get involved and help you - then we want to hear about it!

If there are any specific updates or news items you'd like to see within the community, put it in the SUGGESTION BOX and we'll be happy to include it.